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Is your child expressive, authentic, love to dance, too?

We believe in meeting kids in education where they live . . . in their imagination. Too often children are asked to meet adults in a logical, timely fashion, where they are told how to behave and express themselves. While practical life skills are important, too, imagination is what helps them find who they desire to become and how they become it.

While we do believe in keeping an organized, small group experience, we also foster imagination, creative expression, and value the authentic nature that helps our classes feel more like an experience than a class.

Imagination opens up possibility.

Did you know that every time you tell a child no that is shuts down their creativity?

While sometimes no is appropriate for safety, in a learning environment we do all we can to redirect them. Even if we ask a question and are looking for the answer usually there is some truth to their perspective and we include their perspective as part of the answer. As skills progress ballet becomes very critical thinking based. Ballet is actually about your mind.

Imagine a program that builds skills so gently that the kids expand upon them themselves. Instead of frustrated kids they get excited to test and try out new ways to take the movement to the next level. It’s only when we create an environment where they feel free to be themselves will they dare to try the next challenge on their own.

We believe that children inherently want to succeed, that the shyness they may show in our lobby, is really only an insecurity that requires support, encouragement, and helping them to believe in themselves.

I ask you, who is helping your child expand into more of who they are? Who is helping them awaken their belief in themselves? Once kids get into school we see a tremendous confidence shift as they begin to socialize with peers at 5 and 6 years. We want to see them adoring themselves at every age. This is why we built a program for them to expand and to help them discover their gifts.

Join our 2 week Intro Program and feel the difference of how we invite our students to explore their world. We meet them where they are at. Imagination is everything for children.

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