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Vocal classes

Children and 
Teen Dance Classes

Voice lessons for those who love to sing and want to expand their vocal capabilities. 

Coming soon!

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Pre-School through late beginner, intermediate, and advanced instruction include ballet dance , jazz, contemporary dance, pre-pointe, pointe class and more. Each program builds a solid foundation and clear benchmarks in each class.

Adult Dance Classes

 Adult students can get in shape and build confidence in a variety of dance styles. With adult dance classes for both beginner and experienced dancers we'll take your foundation to a new level.

Self-Love and Anti-Bully workshop


 Workshop for kids 5+ to help them navigate being social in schools.  We want to give kids the tools to stay present, listen to their own inner voice, and help them to say no to bullying and what others might say to them at school. 

"My daughter loves your class so much she counts her sleeps
before class". - Liz Van Ackeren

Hydrangeas in Bloom

Our Teachers 

Our teachers are professionals & trained in education.

Our teachers are not only proficient at their craft, they also have been taught how to teach because education is a completely different skill. 


We have no student teachers and we train our instructors for each grade level. 

Our teachers are always working to improve through continued education.

Hydrangeas in Bloom

Our Training

We believe it's ALL in the training.

Coordination. Strength. Grace. Composure. Balance. Posture. Understanding transitions and spacial patterns.

It's ALL taught. Often theses are not trained properly or classes are too large for students to understand them. Sometimes, due to lack of training, educators teach way over children's head so it's not approachable and missed.

Hydrangeas in Bloom

Students First

Helping each student thrive. 


We separate each level.

This takes much more time on our schedule, but it's what's best for kids. When you combine levels or 2-3 age groups you'll have much larger classes and students get lost.


It's common for class sizes to be 10-25 or more. Ours are 4-10 in each class.

Dance Progrms

Dance Programs

Currently, there is no licensing for dance education or dance studio ownership.  That's why we are a certified Royal Academy of Dance School and our teachers are trained not just in dance, but in dance education.

RAD has 100 years of research and development behind it and Ms. Vera Stephenson, RAD registered teacher oversees the programs.

Dance Class 1 & 2

Imagination is used to build learning skills under age 5 especially because they are in their creative mind and is an essential part of harnessing & maintaining imagination.

Grade 1

Grade 1 is the beginning of classical work.  This program includes ballet, character, and sets the foundation for coursework that molds a dancer into an artist.


We continue to build imagination in this grade while including arm & leg coordination, and short dance exercises they memorize and master with music and spacing.

Grade 2

Grade 2 is the second level of classical work.  This program includes ballet and character dance. 


Primary is the last pre-ballet grade that prepares them perfectly for classical work. It's a wonderful blend of coordination, imagination, fun movement skills, and is an incredible foundation for Grade 1.

Grade 3 & 4

Grade 3 and 4 are progressive levels of classical work that lead into the pre-professional division.  This program includes ballet, character dance, and pointe work for some. 

Performance Opportunities

"Watch this!"- we always hear this as teachers

Students love to share their gifts! 

Performances are a chance to shine, build confidence under pressure, and practice being prepared.

It takes courage and responsability to be seen and showcase your work.

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