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  Kids learn best through play!

Enjoy this dynamic stretch that activates their imagination! Learn to stretch creatively for ages 3-6 and the kid in us all! Fill out the form and we'll send you the video!   

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"She has gained an incredible sense of balance and grace in a very short time under the direction of her instructor Kelly...She has also gained a sense of social confidence that was absent before joining Golden Ballet Theater."-Steve Lyman

" I love the holistic approach of this studio. My daughters have learned not only solid ballet technique, but work ethic, self-esteem, and the habit of approaching the world with joy."    

-Elyse Marsh


From the Grandparents:

"Love taking my grand daughter to Kelly's class for little ones on Saturdays. Kelly has so much energy and patience it is incredible and to watch what my grand daughter has learned from her is so much fun. Thanks Kelly for all that you are. You are very much appreciated.

-Misty Cure, grandparent

My granddaughter is thrilled about her dance class, Kelly provides lots of different activities with high energy. The entire class is happily joining in on all the fun. I loved that she does tumbling in the class too. And there are plenty of make up dates to accommodate busy schedules.

-Cheri Jensen, grandparent

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