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New Student Intro Program

Why is having a certified program necessary?

Progressions and How we make learning coordination fun!

Learn how to stay injury free!

The technical aspects of keeping dancers safe!

" I love the holistic approach of this studio. My daughters have learned not only solid ballet technique, but work ethic, self-esteem, and the habit of approaching the world with joy."    

-Elyse Marsh

What makes GBT so Special?

Teacher Playing Piano

Different Priorities

We inspire our students to believe in themselves.  Our passionate staff bring out the best in our students.

Each student has a unique ability and we strive to harness that strength and help each child fulfill their potential.

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Adult Programs

Our adult programs give you quick success with pro tips that expedite learning.  

You'll surprise yourself!


Former dancers and true beginners fulfill their lifelong dream.  Fast track the learning curve and build solid technique while building your fitness. 


Leadership Training

Dance builds character and we pair this with leadership training so our students build traits that will help them on and off the dance floor in school, at home, and within your family.

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