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Treat your child to an Exclusive Halloween Free Class!

Space is limited due to small group classes, mention this Blog.

Do you want to give your children everything?

Of course! But what about success? Can you give your children success?

Of course you can!!! YOU HAVE TO TEACH THEM TO EARN IT.

Children learn early on how to get what they want and as a parent it can be very difficult to discern how and when it is appropriate to give to children. While we want them to have a happy childhood and to feel completely supported it’s also essential to help them learn responsibility, self-discipline, and the value of a job well done.

It is also critical to help them learn to work for what they want and build life skills that will help the build a sustainable, happy, productive life.

Dance uses the law of physics and body awareness to get results. Have you ever been able to cheat gravity? (As dancers we learn to defy gravity, but we cannot cheat it). Have you been able to defy the laws of physics? Well, neither have I. As a professional dancer the only way to win is to work with the laws of the universe which cannot be cheated without consequence.

The better your student learns coordination, balance, alignment, and stamina the better dance will feel and the more they will enjoy dancing. This is why we encourage our dancers to work several times per week to build momentum in their success. Dance is a fun movement puzzle that allows our children to experiment with their abilities. As leaders in dance education, we foster their drive for success through encouragement and inspiration.

Unlike a parent, the laws of physics have no bias and only those who have great focus, determination, and tenacity are the ones who will create success. Talent = Focus, EVERY SINGLE TIME. The only prodigies in dance are the ones who focus and persevere. We believe that these life skills are essential for building a successful life and having a great time in the process.

When your student has wins in dance it is only because they integrated their education, focus, and determination to overcome a particular skill. We believe it is essential to put children in a place where they can expand. Your children will grow and develop based on their environment.

Join us for a special week of dance! This week ONLY so act today to be given and entire week of Free classes for the first five people!!!

Call us daytime or after 7:30pm to schedule your Halloween Class before they fill at 303-408-1208 or sign-up on our get started page and we will give you a call!

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