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Success is not letting what you don't know stop you. Natural gift is a small piece of success.

When our children are surrounded by people who care and love them through their imperfections it builds a foundation for them to build excellence.

As a mom, I wanted to make sure that my daughter always knew that I believed in her.

When my daughter started singing at the early age of three I kept telling her what a beautiful voice she had, even though she didn't . . . she really had no sense of harmony.

It doesn't matter. Our children build a life for themselves based on THEIR beliefs. While having supportive parents, educators, and people around them is important. It only matters what our children believe. If they believe they can do it, chances are, they will. This is what makes or breaks success. No one will ever take the shot they don't believe they can make.

I will never forget the day my daughter actually came into her voice without any formal training. She developed this incredibly beautiful, soulful, jazzy, authentic voice. She learned to believe in herself and kept the door open to experimentation and she became a beautiful singer.

We teach our students that what they believe matters most so they begin to have a positive relationship with success. Success is not just talent, it's build into the fabric of our identity.

If you can build a successful singer, dancer, or athlete the chances of them building a successful life full of the things they love is much higher.

When you place your child in a group class they normalize success and it becomes cool to be smart, educated, and talented. We believe that each student has a particular gift in dance and remind them that each student has their own gift so they can enjoy the process of discovering what theirs is. This teaches them discovery instead of competition.

Talent is not inherent. It's learned. As a dedicated student, it would infuriate me when people would tell me I was such a natural talent. It's true that I had talent . . . because I practiced daily and would not allow my shortcomings to supersede my ability or lack of ability.

I worked for my talent and I never gave up. This is what success is. It's dedication, focus, intention, awareness, and trusting the process without knowing all the answers.

It's about compassion for being human. It's about overcoming being clumsy, uncoordinated, and awkward. Humans are not graceful or light on their feet. This is real skill that anyone can accomplish at any height or weight. An exceptional teacher can teach EVERYONE because it's about skill through coordination, balance, timing, transitions, and helping people use their facility to their very best.

Would you like to build a foundation of success for your children?

We can help beginners of all ages and work to build their success so they can create the life of their dreams and be a leader in any field they choose.

For more information, click below, fill out your info, and we will get in touch with you!

We offer adult, teen, and students 18 months+ in a wide array of programs and summer workshops.

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