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Dance Education to Develop Brain Power & Creativity, Boost Confidence and Connection!

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

We develop dancers who love to learn, who build relationships, and who bloom with every lesson!

At Golden Ballet Theater, we are a balance of harnessing joy in dance and a serious dance education. We provide our students the tools to be limitless, but their discipline and dedication is up to them. We are creating a space for our kids to be themselves and do everything we can to draw our their personalities and unique abilities. We find that if we provide the vision for what is possible, give them the progressive tools, they will integrate and achieve their highest potential through encouragement and self-love.

Candid moment or our students creating together . . . we had to capture it!


We follow the Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus which is so incredibly fun with imagery, beautiful music collections, and an incredible progression that makes learning a natural process. Our students really thrive and we are so excited to share this unique syllabus and our strategic implementation of it!

Compassionate Space

We believe that children thrive when they are given the time to mature and grow at their own pace. Each student has unique skills and gifts which we encourage and develop. We also challenge their weaknesses in a way that promotes self actualization, perseverance, and patience. The breakthroughs come when we simply allow more time to develop.

Brain Power

There truly is nothing like a dance education to develop our children's brains. They are learning to coordinate the arms and legs which are used in two separate ways. For those of you who have not learned dance: the legs turn out, while the arms actually turn in which definitely challenges the body. Then we are teaching them spacial awareness, moving in space with others, musicality, and what seems like so many ways to work with the legs, feet, and hips. Then we must commit every step, every timing, every glance, expression, attitude to memory so we can perform and make it look easy.

Comfort Zones

Dance definitely teaches children to get out of their comfort zones! Leaders are always trained on comfort zone and you truly cannot have leadership without it! Leaders are the ones who are able to look a scenario in a different way and find solution. Dance is a giant movement puzzle and each execution is working through a myriad of challenges. We encourage our dancers to problem solve and uncover their own potential.

The best time to start creating a love of learning is yesterday. The next best time is right now!

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