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Goal Setting is just one of 12 Leadership concepts we teach our students.

We want to see your children grow up to be strong independent thinkers and leaders in their families and community. This is why we invest in our own personal development growth so that we embody what we teach. Who we are matters just as much as what and how we teach.

From affirmations, to reward systems, and coloring pages that educate them on how to set simple goals, our program offers kids the choice to grab ahold of the rope and climb up if they choose because growth feels good!

We inspire our kids to greatness by giving them a glimpse of what is possible and helping them to achieve them.

In a world with so much choice shouldn’t we be educating them to reach for their dreams and honor their feelings?

We believe that each child is perfect and develops in their own time and their own way. That’s why they sometimes surprise us by what they say! They have a keen sense of the world around them and we want them to keep it!

We are planning an entire series around being perfect. We want our students to know that they can become a great dancer, a great nurse, teacher, Mom, neurosurgeon, entreprenuer or anything else they can dream up, but that greatness lies within. These titles bring great reward, but so does being kind, compassionate, integral, and perseverant.

Being a great person starts with already being great and it’s completely fun to grow and polish ourselves. This is our reason for being in education so that every door they desire will open . . . even the ones that didn’t exist until they built it.

We would love the opportunity for your family to experience the difference of dancing with us. You can reach out to us at the link below and we will reach back out to you ASAP to help you get started. We are growing rapidly and some programs have just a handful of spots left.

Chloe is 6 years old. Just 2 years with us and comes in jumping for joy to dance with us. She has learned 4 Royal Academy of Dance syllabus classes in her 2 years with us!

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