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Feel vibrant, alive, and invigorate your life with our Adult Dance Program coming this April!

There is nothing like dance to enliven the spirit and celebrate being human. Even before I fell in love with fitness, (10 years ago), I believed that everyone should find something they love to do instead of making themselves work out. After all, we aren't gerbils! I love a good treadmill run every now and again to get my heart going, but the point is that it's not for everyone.

Our specialty is helping you through the learning curve effectively and easily by layering skills in simple and dynamic ways.

Feel the freedom of what it's like to learn and train like a dancer. Whether you danced as a child, in college, or just want to try something new we've got you!

Let us prove to you how simple it can be to learn to dance. Don't be shy! It's never too late to learn or recommit to yourself. Dance is great for the body, mind, spirit connection and it keeps you young because it helps you feel alive!

Join us for:

Adult Ballet starting in April, time is TBD. Let us know what times are best for you by clicking the link and filling out the form so we can be in touch with you.

Adult Ballet Pi-Yo, time TBD, Thursdays 11:30am or Fridays 10am

Ballet Pi-Yo is a fusion class drawing strength concepts from barre work, the conditioning aspects from Pilates, and the stretching dimension of Yoga. The class will evolve using different tools and forms based on the class growth and needs. A workout for every level and everyone.

We may also be opening Adult Hip-Hop and/or Contemporary/Jazz

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