Value of Training at Golden Ballet Theater

As leader in the industry, we foster small group classes in a supportive, encouraging environment with progressive skills that will allow anyone to succeed.  


The magic of education is in the progression from skill to skill.  Too hard and it’s frustrating, too easy and it’s boring, too slow and it’s exhausting.  We create a syllabus and foundation that compounds on itself so our students learn correctly the first time.  And with our small group classes we challenge the top in the class and encourage the newest.  


See how unique our programs feel as we celebrate natural beauty & individuality by joining an Intro Program today.  

Ready to Bloom?


  • World Renown syllabus includes imaginative music & full body movement at every age and skill level

  • Quality Education in a genuine environment

  • Small group classes of 8 

  • Children ballet, jazz, hip-hop, and strength classes

  • Teen ballet, jazz, and contemporary dance classes

  • Adult Program coming soon

  • Private Instruction Available

  • Year Round Programs

  • Program design is concept based learning which uses progressive skill

  • Yearly Recital for performance opportunity