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We are a family oriented professional program.
No one naturally has the coordination, musicality, strength, performance, and team work skills it takes to succeed in dance. This is why choosing the right program is so important.

With 100 years of research and development, the Royal Academy of Dance ensures age-appropriate skill development!

Mountain View studio located just outside of Golden off of Indiana and 6th Avenue by the Jefferson Fair Grounds and the Foothills Animal Shelter. We are on the 3rd floor and no elevator or wheel chair access though our performance venues always do.  The building won't support an elevator.

Not easily accessible by light rail.

511 Orchard St. Golden CO, 80401                     Kelly King @ 303-408-1208

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Vera Stephenson,  BLS, ARAD, RTS, Examiner for the Royal Academy of Dance

Ms. Vera is a Royal Academy of Dance certified teacher and travels Internationally as an RAD examiner. She has danced internationally and has a compassionate and disciplined approach to education. Her experience and education lead our program in immeasurable ways.


Emery Faegin, BA, Masters student in Dance Therapy at Naropa

Mr. Emery is a seasoned teacher of 7 years and brings his classical training experience along with his contemporary, jazz, and tap to us this season.  He is an exceptional communicator which helps him be a compassionate teacher.  The kids and adults love him for his intelligence and exceptional guidance.

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Kelly King, BFA, CPT, CNC,Artistic Director

Kelly is working on her RAD teacher certification and has 25 years of dance education, 2 teacher certifications and 3 RAD honorary certifications.  She opened GBT to create a family oriented professional program where students could learn to thrive and support one another.

Dancer to Artist is Simple 

We build confidence, excellence, team work, grit, and strong people who go after their dreams are the benefits of learning one of the most difficult art forms to master . This is our mission! 


This little jumping bean was so shy we weren’t sure she would transition from the Family & Me class to an independent one. . . . 

And look at her now!  When she first joined she would barely even try. 

Her mom was even able to help her transition to pre-school because she related to how scared she was to how much she loves dance now.



It takes consistent practice to be able to remember and examine an entire class of material. 

Vocational certifications are recognized for college credit in Europe & our Royal Academy of Dance independently tested exams are a part of how we help kids show off their excellence.

This is an internationally recognized curriculum.



Team Work & Grit:

This is Grade 2 and after being taught how to strengthen their back they started helping each other every class after their barre.  They are excited to get stronger and work together.  Grit becomes fun as a team!

We create an environment that encourages them to celebrate each other as well.  Because each students gifts will be unique competition isn't a necessary part of growth.


"My daughter started her dance class with Ms Kelly in 2016. It has been about one year. We are extraordinarily impressed by her passion for teaching these little kids (from 3 year old), her patience and the desire for helping them knowing the beauty of the ballet, and her hard work to create a better class and environment for the kids. We hope that we will join her class for many years to come."  -Renee Chunmei Ban

We put kids first by keeping class sizes small. 

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