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 Naturally build confidence, composure, and coordination because we have clear benchmarks for each age.

We make learning simple.

More than a Dance Academy

Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, Pointe, and more. . .


Shy to Confident

"What we love about Golden Ballet, all the activities the teacher put in. The recitals, the Christmas play including the fun the kids get to enjoy being in class plus the teacher rewards the kids for putting so much effort into learning new routines and improving and also their yearly awards. Besides all that, the teacher is kind to the kids and professional. My daughter enjoyed it a lot. My daughter has been attending Golden Ballet for almost three years now and she still enjoyed every minute of it. I have seen lots of development in my daughter, she went from being shy to being competent to talk and being confident with her herself. I do recommend Golden Ballet to anyone."

-Grace Smith


Passionate Teachers

"My daughter started her dance class with Ms Kelly in 2016. It has been about one year. We are extraordinarily impressed by her passion for teaching these little kids (from 3 year old), her patience and the desire for helping them knowing the beauty of the ballet, and her hard work to create a better class and environment for the kids. We hope that we will join her clas for many years to come."

-Renee Chunmei Ban


Confidence Building

"My daughter started with Golden Ballet when she was 3. She is now 7 and thriving. The care and nurturing that has been provided has helped tremendously with her growth. She enjoys going to ballet and I love the confidence it has given her."


-Widelyn Anceravicius

New Student Intro Program: 2 Weeks for $19.99

Social Confidence, balance, snow boarding at age 4.

“I think Golden Ballet Theater is awesome.  I enrolled my daughter when she was three.  Now she is turning four and I have seen transformation in her.  She has gained an incredible sense of balance and grace in a very short time under the direction of her instructor Kelly. So good in fact, that she is now on a snowboard at her young age and handling it incredibly well and I am giving most of the credit to Golden Ballet Theater. She has also gained a sense of social confidence that was absent before joining Golden Ballet Theater.  I give instructor Kelly and Golden Ballet Theater 10 out of 10 score.  I am very happy and satisfied with everything Golden Ballet has to offer.”


-Steve Lyman

Performing professionally after 2 years of dance with us.  

This is Marion's second season studying ballet and jazz with us and very pleased to announce that he was accepted into his dream school, Sight & Sound Conservatory, for Musical Theater. 

Taking you to the next level

Our mission is to empower you to achieve your goals and dreams. 

We are dedicated to helping our members unleash their

full potential and live a life without limits.

The first step is to join an Intro Program.

New Student Intro Program: 2 Weeks for $19.99

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