Summer Workshops 

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Creative Dance & Tumbling, ages 3-4

Fantasy Dream Camp

June 14th -17th, Monday-Thursday 9:00-11:30am 

July 26-28th, M-W

All Day Camp Available 9:00-3:00pm

This camp is designed to bring out the fantasy and is themed with crafts, books, and the classical foundation of dance and tumbling to help your dancer become their dream.  We foster a strong classical syllabus that is geared toward play.  You son or daughter will be swept away in their imagination while also learning solid skills.

Ballet Foundation & Tumble, ages 5-6

Fancy Free Days Camp

July 5-8th, Monday-Thursday 9:00-11:30am 

All Day Camp Available 9:00-3:00pm

In this camp, students will learn the Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus as well as some jazz dance and tumbling.   This is a great introduction to the work and is still very creative and awakens your child's imagination while learn skills they will have for a lifetime.   Full day camp available for working parents!

Ballet Foundation 1-2, ages 6-8

Believe in Possibility Camp

June 21-24, M-Th 9-11:30am

All Day Camp Available 9:00-3:00pm

This dance camp features the syllabus Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus Grade 1/2 and will incorporate some jazz and modern technique.  This is an incredible program that your child will love!  Our students thrive and with this intensive it will give them a boost in their foundation or help them begin!  All day camp os available for working parents!


Technique and Creative Expression, ages 11+

Foundational Classical, Modern, and Jazz Dance

July 12th-14th

Monday-Wednesday 9-12am

All Day Camp Available 9:00-3:00pm

This camp will feature an interactive morning of dance including foundations of ballet, modern, and jazz dance.   This workshop is  designed for dancers with some experience who want to really increase their learning capacity and to help boost their education with an intensive.  The Royal Academy of Dance will also be the foundation of this course work.  Full Day Camp also available for working parents!

We are a year round school and we dedicate ourselves to serving our community all year!