Positive atmosphere

Each class is reinforced with positive words and a positive experience.  As students develop, each one will understand concepts at different times.  Students are encouraged by their strengths.  When the need to discipline children happens it's communicated nicely, but firmly.  Those who are listening are thanked for their leadership which tends to help others follow.  We also acknowledge that if that student is having a particularly difficult day or season we simply encourage and give them the space to work through it.  Sometimes there are challenges in life that prevent a student from being fully present and we do our best to allow them that space so as to not make things worse.  After 2 decades, we have not found too many who take advantage of this.  This creates a culture of understanding and people who are in touch with their emotions which we encourage. 
Strong Syllabus
We have chosen the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus to train our dancers.  The main programs you may hear about are Vagonova (Russian technique), Cecchetti (Italian), and RAD (English).  We love the RAD program because it was recently updated for today's incredible talent.  Each class progresses brilliantly.  The lessons in one grade flawlessly set the foundation for the next.  The music combines contemporary and classical works that inspire.  It's just a lovely program and we know your dancer will feel the thread running all the way from the pre-primary at 3 to the complex Advanced 2 for seniors.  We are working on certification.  Your dancers will begin to learn these exercises and dances, but our certification is in progress.
Fast Paced, Energetic Classes, Vibrant Music
The syllabus is what makes classes run quickly.  Once it is learned, we can get through an Advanced 2 barre in 20 minutes.  That leaves 40 minutes for jumping, turning, and point work.  It's incredibly efficient to teach a syllabus.  As the program grows we will also add technique classes that are designed for the dancers to memorize combinations on the spot and perform them.  Keep in mind, too, that all of the classical vocabulary is taught in the main syllabus.  
Creative Space
This is a creative space where students are asked to use their critical thinking skills to solve movement puzzles.  Dance is one giant movement puzzle.  If one can learn to dance, they can accomplish anything in life... it really is that complicated.  Those who love a challenge, tend to thrive in dance classes.  Unlike movements in fitness or yoga, dancers not only create movement shapes, they must transition seamlessly from one sequence of steps to another.  It's highly specific and involves incredible concentration as well as thousands and thousands of hours to master.  It is said that one is not a student of ballet until they have been dancing 10 years.  
Team Approach
When a student understands a concept they are asked to show it.  This celebrates their success and gives the class an example of what correct execution looks like.  They are reminded that this could be them at another time and are encouraged to support their classmate by clapping.  This is not everyday, and it is not the same child every time.  Each child is celebrated at different times throughout the year.  If we notice someone needing to be reassured of progress, they are.  Every student is important to us.
 If there is every bullying in class or outside of class it is addressed as soon as we know about it.  We "love" students through their mistakes.  After all, it is through our mistakes that we grow the most.  
Gain Quick Success
Ballet is very complex and has a tremendous learning curve.  With the right training, a dancer can learn quickly and accurately.  Skills are layered so that by mastering a set of steps they are set up to succeed in all future steps.  Eventually, learning becomes easier and easier by utilizing foundation principals based on movement vocabulary.  Once a dancer attains this level of mastery, the rewards are great and dancing is incredibly fun.  Ultimately, dancing should always be fun.  That being said, any successful endeavor is fun.  When one can turn, jump, waltz . . . it is exhilarating.  
Leadership Training
In the years to come children will need to have the skills to be positive role models and to set professional boundaries.  Each student is encouraged to think independently.  In a dance class it is so easy to copy.  Typically, developing dancers will follow who they feel is the strongest student.  Each student is encouraged to work independently and work through their own mistakes.  We celebrate those who, even with the incorrect phrasing or incorrect steps, are working from their own memory and what they believe to be correct.  In time, these dancers learn to trust themselves which is tremendously important in life.