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Ms. Vera Stephenson, BLS, ARAD, RTS, Examiner for the Royal Academy of Dance

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"My daughter started her dance class with Ms Kelly in 2016. It has been about one year. We are extraordinarily impressed by her passion for teaching these little kids (from 3 year old), her patience and the desire for helping them knowing the beauty of the ballet, and her hard work to create a better class and environment for the kids. We hope that we will join her class for many years to come."

-Renee Chunmei Ban

New Student Program: Two weeks of classes and a free pair of ballet shoes for
only $29.99

Family & Me, Children's, Teen, & Adult's
Ballet, Pointe, Contemporary, Jazz, Tumbling

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Marion Pelican

This is Marion's second season studying ballet and jazz with us and very pleased to announce that he was accepted into his dream school, Sight & Sound Conservatory, for Musical Theater.

Brandy Lyman

This is Kat's current second season dancing with us and we see her persevere through lots of challenges.  She continues to believe in herself and is learning ballet, jazz, and tumbling with us.

A Limitless Life begins with believing in oneself.

We believe that all potential starts within.  Belief, creativity, and trusting in the process of learning is the foundation for this potential.


Training tools, critical thinking, logic, and solid foundational skills are paramount but is all limited without first valuing ones ability to overcome challenges.


 We support our members to find that internal drive within by fueling their faith in themselves.

Mission of Golden Ballet Theater

First and foremost, we primarily focus on helping our students to develop their artistic expression through music, dance, & creativity through authentic expression in a warm, caring environment that brings out the very best in our students.


The focus is first on creating a safe space for our students to be their authentic self emotionally so that we develop dancers who are close to their heart, desires, and truth.  We first establish a love of movement & wonder in the blissful nature of dance and music.  Our students develop learning skills, including critical thinking, analysis, and encouraged to problem solve creatively using their unique learning style.  


We strive to develop exceptional people who love learning and revel in the puzzle of life.


$29.99 Intro Program for New Students

Wherever you are on your dance journey we have a program for you to begin your journey or expand into higher level learning with teachers

who have mastery and elite level education.